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Another way to present the 9 types of intelligence as exemplified by my How Do We Measure Intelligence post.

The basic idea is that different people are good at different things. These 9 probably don’t cover the wide range of smarts we all possess, but it’s a start.

As Albert Einstein said, ”Everybody is a genius. But if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”

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Announcing the 2015 Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship!


Announcing the 2015 Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship!

The Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Program is now accepting applications for the 2015 Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship at www.rangelprogram.org!

The Rangel Program is pleased to announce the opening of its application period and an expansion to thirty fellowships for 2015.   The Fellowship welcomes applications from individuals who want to make a difference in the world through service as Foreign Ser­vice Officers in the U.S. Department of State.  The Rangel Graduate Fellowship Program provides benefits of up to $95,000 over two years toward a two-year master’s degree, ar­ranges internships on Capitol Hill and at U.S. embassies, and provides mentorship and professional develop­ment support. Fellows can use the fellowship to attend two-year master’s programs in U.S. institutions to study any area of relevance to the Foreign Ser­vice, including inter­national relations, public policy, public administration, economics, or business administration. Upon successful completion of the two-year fellowship and Foreign Service entry requirements, Fellows join the Foreign Service of the U.S. Depart­ment of State, embarking on a uniquely rewarding career of international service. Applicants must be college seniors or graduates looking to start two-year graduate programs in fall 2015, must have GPAs of at least 3.2, and must be U.S. citizens. The program welcomes any undergraduate major and encour­ages applications from members of minority groups his­torically underrepresented in the Foreign Service and those with financial need. Infor­mation and application materials can be found at www.rangelprogram.org . The applica­tion deadline is January 14, 2015. The Program is funded by the U.S. Department of State and managed by Howard University.

2015 Charles B. Rangel International Affairs Graduate Fellowship

Number of Fellowships Offered: 30

Eligibility Requirements: U.S. citizenship; GPA of 3.2/4.0; seeking to start two-year relevant grad program in Fall 2015

Application Deadline: January 14, 2015

Finalists selected by the end of February

Fellows selected by mid-March

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Student Spotlight: Trip to Zimbabwe Provides Eye-Opening Experience

Student Spotlight: Trip to Zimbabwe Provides Eye-Opening Experience

Ashley Hogan took advantage of prestigious scholarship to study in Africa this summer.

Written by Karin Slyker

Ashley Hogan

Ashley Hogan

After traveling 9,266 miles from Lubbock, Texas Tech University senior Ashley Hogan encourages all students to study abroad before they graduate.

“Being in Zimbabwe was the most important opportunity of my life up-to-date,” Hogan said, “The people, landscapes and wildlife renewed my sense of what life can be – simple and stress-free.”

Hogan studied in Zimbabwe for a month this summer and completed an applied agricultural economics course. As an international economics major, she is thankful for this experience and aspires to be an environmental economist.

“I went specifically because this is something I’m interested in doing with my career,” she said. “Texas Tech really opened that opportunity for me to explore what life as an environmental economist could look like.”

Trip of a Lifetime

Hogan teaching students in Zimbabwe.

Hogan teaching students in Zimbabwe.

Hogan earned the opportunity after winning the Phi Kappi Phi Study Abroad Grant. She is one of 50 students nationwide to receive this $1,000 grant from one of the most selective collegiate honor societies for all academic disciplines. This year, 512 people applied for the Phi Kappa Phi Grant.

“When I found out I was one of the recipients, I was so excited,” she said. “I have had such a good relationship with my professors. I really think their excellent recommendations is really what set my application apart.”

In addition to the Phi Kappi Phi grant, Hogan received the Study Abroad Competitive Scholarship through the Texas Tech Study Abroad Office. The Honors College also helped fund her trip.

“Finances were a huge determining factor in whether or not I studied abroad. But I kept in mind one of my favorite quotes by Barry Lopez, ‘We must find ways to break down the barriers between ourselves and a reawakened sense of the power to do good in the world,’” Hogan said. “Money was a barrier. Without scholarships, Zimbabwe would’ve never happened.”

Hogan visited Zimbabwe for a month this summer.

Hogan visited Zimbabwe for a month this summer.

A Rich Experience

While in Zimbabwe, Hogan said her schedule varied every day. The class went on several game drives, visited museums and some of the local villages. The class even taught English, math and science in a secondary school. At the end of each day, a lecture on development economics was presented, and the class discussed some of the primary tensions between conservation and economic development.

“Every day was an opportunity to learn,” she said. “And every day I felt myself changing. It was a very rich experience.”

As a member of the Honors College, Hogan said she chose Texas Tech because of the great value in education it offered.

“I believe its true that you reap what you sow, and I work really hard, but Texas Tech is really my means for everything I’ve accomplished that’s meant something in my life,” she said.

- See more at: http://today.ttu.edu/2014/08/student-spotlight-trip-to-zimbabwe-an-eye-opening-experience/#sthash.l6IMh7E9.dpuf

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LUBBOCK, TX — The Texas Tech Honors College hopes to inspire students with new themed housing. The virtual themed housing is something new for the college. Friday students discovered to which of these houses they would live; Integrity, Knowledge, Service or Courage. College dean Dr. Michael San Francisco came up with the idea hoping to build community and team spirit among the students.

“When I grew up in India, we had houses from 4th to 12th grade. I belonged to one of those houses. The house concept is people work for a group of people other than just themselves. So a lot of teamwork is involved,” explained Dr. San Francisco.

Each house will be graded on GPAs, awards and the students’ community service. In May, the house with the most points receives an award.


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FREE Italian Opera Tickets.

On Saturday, October 11th at 11:30 AM, the Metropolitan Opera will show Giuseppe Verdi’s MacBeth as the first Live Broadcast for season 2014-2015 at the Cinemark Theatre on 5721, 58th Street.In order to obtain a ticket, you will have to attend an introductory lecture on Verdi and “Macbeth” on Thursday, October 9th, at 4:00pm, by Professor Cimarusti (Music School). Details of the location for this lecture will be made available later.

E-mail Dr. Steve Balch at the Institute for Western Civilization:  western.civilization@ttu.edu for
 the details on how to pick up your ticket as well as the location of the lecture. Please note that the lecture is mandatory and there will be a sign up sheet to obtain a ticket at Cinemark on the day of the screening.

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TTIME: Save the Date

TTIME has officially launched as a new student organization. Their focus is on providing innovation and entrepreneurial opportunities for both undergraduate and graduate students across all academic colleges and disciplines. The Texas Tech Innovation Mentorship and Entrepreneurship (TTIME) organization was created to foster a culture where ideas meet the marketplace.

Join TTIME for their very first 3 Day Startup at Texas Tech, November 7-9.  Only 40 students will be selected. They are looking for a variety of ideas. If you have an idea for a start up, this would be a terrific time to launch it.

Apply Here.

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